Marriage Preparation at Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish assumes active membership and practice of faith.

The person seeking to be married in our parish must be registered for one year prior to contacting the parish office to begin marriage preparation. This membership implies regular attendance at Mass and involvement in the community. Children of registered parishioners, of course, may also celebrate their wedding at our parish.

The couple must contact the Parish Office at least 12 months prior to the anticipated date. The couple will then receive a preparation Booklet which must be read completely before contacting Laurie Fangman, our Parish Wedding Coordinator.

If a person does not practice his/her faith or refuses to cooperate and participate in the Marriage Preparation process, the wedding date may be postponed or denied altogether. The Marriage Preparation Program will be explained to the couple at the first meeting with the wedding coordinator.


Contact Information

Fr. Christian Malewski, 232-2847