A sacrament of initiation, Baptism is a principal sign of God’s love for us.

Through this sacrament, we enter into and celebrate a new life in union with Jesus Christ and the Christian community. For infant Baptism, a preparation class for parents is scheduled on the second Monday of the month.

Parents seeking Baptism for their child must be registered in this parish. School-age children, whose parents request Baptism, are enrolled in a special series of classes to prepare for the Sacrament.

Adults are initiated into the Catholic faith through the Church’s process called the Rite of Christian Initiation (R.C.I.A.), also “the Catechumenate.” Participants will participate in weekly sessions beginning in mid-September. Initiation Sacraments for adults are usually celebrated at the Easter Vigil.

Contact Information

To schedule a Baptism or to register for Baptismal preparation, please contact:
Toni Hamera, 232-2847


Adults interested in becoming Catholic are invited to please contact:
Kathy Powers, 232-2847