Grief Support

Grief is a normal human reaction to loss and there are many different kinds of loss that affect our lives. Losing a close family member in death is certainly a very significant loss in our lives, as well as the loss of a job, the loss of a pet, or moving to St. Joseph with a new job and leaving behind family and friends, etc. Often, just having someone to talk with in a confidential way can be healing.

BeFriender Ministers are parishioners who have undertaken over 20 hours of skill-building sessions in listening skills, various types of loss, the grief process, and other important pastoral care skills. They also
attend monthly meetings at the parish to gain support and continued education.

If you are grieving loss, the parish can be here for you in a number of ways, to “walk with you” in the grief process. First of all, Fr. Christian is available by appointment. Kathy Powers, Pastoral Associate is also available to provide listening presence and referral when needed or requested. Parishioners are also invited to talk with Kathy about being connected to a BeFriender Minister in the parish who would contact them and arrange for a one-hour visit, once a week, in the home of the parishioner or another location mutually decided upon. BeFriender Ministry is completely confidential. Please contact Kathy for more information about BeFriender Ministry.



Contact Information

Fr. Christian Malewski, 232-2847


Pastoral Associate,
Kathy Powers, 232-2847