BeFriender Ministry

BeFriender Ministers are parishioners who have taken over 20 hours of skill-building sessions in listening skills, various types of loss, the grief process, and other important areas in human affliction and suffering. They also attend monthly meetings at the parish to gain support and continued education.

At times, when dealing with a personal situation, we may not want to burden our good friends or family members but yet, we know it would be helpful if we could just confidentially talk about what’s happening and receive that respectful feedback from another person. BeFriender Ministers are excellent listeners! They are committed to a pledge of confidentiality! If you are grieving loss of any kind, living with a difficult health diagnosis, struggling in a personal relationship, feeling sad or dealing with a heavy burden, you might want to consider a BeFriender Minister from our own parish community. Contact Kathy Powers, Pastoral Associate (or Fr. Christian, if you would prefer) and a referral will be made to a BeFriender Minister who will contact you and arrange for a one-hour visit in your home or another mutually agreed-upon location, for a few weeks or length of time agreed upon. For more information or to arrange for a BeFriender Minister, please contact Kathy Powers at the parish office, 232-2847.


Contact Information

Fr. Christian Malewski, 232-2847


Pastoral Associate,
Kathy Powers, 232-2847