Welcome Back

For various reasons, a Catholic may no longer be a part of the sacramental and community life of the Church. This may be due to divorce, remarriage without benefit of annulment, misunderstanding, etc.

Twice a year, OLOG holds a series of 6-week sessions called “Welcome Back.” Persons may take advantage of these sessions to voice their past experience of “church,” and will also be renewed in their understanding of the Sacraments, with a special focus on Reconciliation.

Anyone wishing to pursue the annulment process, will be given assistance. Anyone in need of assistance in returning to the practice of their faith at any time during the year, is asked to please contact Fr. Tom Ludwig or Kathy Powers. Parishioner, Larry Sample, facilitates the “Welcome Back” sessions.


Contact Information

Fr. Tom Ludwig, 232-2847


Pastoral Associate,
Kathy Powers, 232-2847