History of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish

Our parish emerged out of the St. Joseph planning effort of 1980. The consensus of the Catholic people of St. Joseph identified the need for a new parish east of I-29. So on July 18, 1981, a group interested in forming this new parish gathered for the first time at Bishop LeBlond High School.

The parish was established officially on February 12, 1982. Monsignor Emmett Summers and Father William Daly were assigned as first pastors. In its first three years, the community of Our Lady of Guadalupe grew from 75 families to 300 families! The first worship space was dedicated on September 16, 1984.

As the area continued to grow, so did the community of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Fr. Robert Murphy arrived as pastor in 1988. Subsequent to his arrival, the initial parish debt was retired.

As the growth in the area continued, however, the need emerged for an even larger worship space, meeting area, and classrooms.

Therefore, in 1994 another building and capital campaign began. After a couple of years of planning, visioning, and hard work, the newly renovated worship space and facility were dedicated on September 7, 1996.

Along with this expansion, new parish staff were added and ministries were developed in order to meet the needs of the dynamic, growing population east of I-29.

Fr. Greg Haskamp was pastor from 1998 to 2005. During those seven years, ministries continued to thrive, the parish debt balance dropped below $1,000,000 and the people of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish continued to embrace the mission of the parish with enthusiasm, generosity, and faith.



In July, 2005, Fr. Tom Ludwig was appointed pastor of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish. During those eight years, the parish debt was completely retired and several improvements were made to our facility including the addition of a light-enhancing glass wall in back of the Worship Space. The parish mission statement became more clearly defined to image the Blessed Mother of Our Lady of Guadalupe and parish ministries continued to thrive.


In July 2013, our parish welcomed Fr. Christian Malewski as our pastor.

We look forward to our future together as we continue to grow in our relationship with the Lord and with one another!