Our Lady of Guadalupe lives as a warm, welcoming and prayerful Catholic Community that aspires to love and serve God. Through our ministry we embrace the poor, the suffering and the lost, and we provide Christian education for all. Nourished by the Eucharist, we celebrate life as a gift from God and seek to build a stronger faith community for our families, our neighbors and future generations.

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I am simply in Awe! I can't come up with the words to express the gratitude and love for all of your hard work to make Fr Andrew's First Mass, such an incredible celebration!!!
His visiting grandmother put it best..."this parish just radiates love, you can feel it all around"! I think that is the best compliment ever and It would be a goal to have everyone experience that kind of worship.

I'm so proud of the efforts of our Music Ministry, and all who were able to participate in any way, prayer, financially, talent, words of encouragement, hospitality and set-up.
Special shout out to Andy's family, Leslie Leonard Alyssa, and Andrea Gossen, Steve, Kathy, Stephanie, Cathy Crook, Father Christian, Toni, David, Leasa and Angela, Richard Shelton and the Knights of Columbus. (I may have to add names, as I'm doing this off the top of my head) This staff and community, works so well together, to make sure all angles are covered. Three major events in addition to the normal routine, in less than 24 hours is incredible
I've been to many diocesan ordinations, and they can't begin to compare with the food from OLOG's kitchen! The flowers at every table(from parishioners gardens) were icing on the cake!

Pictures ASAP!

Love is Alive at Our Lady of Guadalupe!
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We will be Celebrating Father Andy Mattingly's first Mass, this Sunday, June 28th, at 11. Below are some links to some of the music. What a joy-filled day to celebrate with one of Our Lady of Guadalupe's own, child of God!

Below you will find links to music for Andy's first Mass. It is cantor led, so all we have to do is follow along. It
will be much like attending a Mass at the Abbey with the Seminarians.
We need to focus on all that is around us and enjoy Andy's first

Please feel free to listen to these pieces so that you will be familiar
with the sound.

Much of this is unison chant style, it looks difficult, but in
actuality, is very simple once you do it a couple of times.

So excited to help enhance this liturgy for "one of Our Own"!


This is about the right pace for this. The first "Kyrie eleison"
would be sung by the cantor, then the choir/congregation would respond
with the second "Kyrie eleison", and the same for the "Christe
eleison" and the last "Kyrie eleison."


Responsorial Psalm: This
mp3 file didn't play on my Mozilla Firefox browser, but it did work on
Google Chrome, just so you're aware.

Alleluia: See the attached mp3 file. I recorded it with 2 other guys
-- so all 3 parts were male voices --- obviously, then, it will sound
different with men singing only 1 part, and women singing 2.

Sanctus (Holy, Holy, Holy):

Good pace to this recording. Cantor opens with the first
"Sanctus" and then the choir/congregation sings the rest of the piece.

Agnus Dei:
Cantor sings all three of the "Agnus Dei" parts, with the
choir/congregation responding each time.

Thanks once again Give my regards to the congregation!

In Christ,

Deacon Andy
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1 week ago  ·  

I'm sharing the details of this show, because OLOG has a lot to do with the success of the Voices of America. So excited to be performing at Co-Cathedral. Sandy Gumm will be singing with 3 of the 5 groups and Mike Scheidegger will be singing 4 out of 5. Central Standard is the Acappella group we sing with in Kansas City and currently ranked 4th in the World out of over 800 chapters. Please message Sandy for tickets or details. Also have a show in KC ON Saturday, if that works better for you...or would love to have you at both. ... See MoreSee Less

Hear the amazing sounds of Central Standard, Harmonium, BassLine and Old Standards as well as the Voices of America!

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